Display Update: Hibu Introduces Video Ads

Custom video display ads to reach your targeted customers online, on the Web’s top sites, and on mobile

Hibu is thrilled to announce the addition of video ads to our Display Advertising package — a new and exciting way to engage your customers on any device they use.

The impact of video ads is easy to see:

  • 139% Increase in Brand Awareness – Viewing video ads boosts brand association by 139%
  • 97% Increase in Purchase Intent – Watching video ads makes customers 97% more likely to purchase
  • 4X More Customers – Four times as many customers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it*

Display ads help you grow your business in 3 ways:

  1. Reach new, local prospects when they’re searching on desktops, phones and tablets
  2. Drive prospects to your site and social pages — and bring them back again through retargeting when they’re ready to buy
  3. Build brand awareness with your ads and videos on hundreds of the Web’s most popular online and mobile sites

And don’t forget about Location-Based Advertising (LBA), which lets you target your ads to mobile app users whenever they’re near you, on the devices they use most often.

 * insivia and Unruly video studies, 2017 

from hibu Blog http://ift.tt/2fvWeQA

from Sawyer Adam http://ift.tt/2vTah8I


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