Using Facebook Marketing to Get Results: Free Webinar

The bad news is, it’s a lot harder to get your posts seen on Facebook today – on average, only about 3% of your followers actually see your Facebook posts.. The good news is that 61% of customers connected with a business after visiting them on social media. (That’s a higher contact rate than search engines.)

You simply need to know how to use Facebook correctly… and that’s what you can learn in this free webinar from Hibu and LSA (Local Search Association).

If you’re already using social, or are rushing to play catch-up, here’s your chance to learn the ins-and-outs of using Facebook correctly and effectively to reach new customers, retain existing customers, and generate leads online.

Invest a short amount of time now, watch this Free Webinar, and you could see a major return down the road.

Hibu is proud to have received the LSA Certification, the seal of trust in digital marketing. Local Search Association (LSA) created the LSA Certification to identify and highlight marketing providers with integrity and strong business practices. You can learn more about the LSA Certification here.
Source: Research from Social@Ogilvy

from hibu Blog

from Sawyer Adam


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