5 Common Website UX Mistakes, Pt I

Poor design that delivers poor results

You’ve probably read plenty of lists detailing the painful (and sometimes painfully obvious) mistakes on small business websites. But it’s the obvious mistakes that bear repeating, because they’re the ones that are going to make for a poor user experience.

User experience (or “UX”) focuses on how easily people interact with and accomplish their goals on your site, and ignoring your site’s UX can mean fewer visits…less time on your site…fewer form fills and calls…and less business for you overall.

Our friends at Inc.com shared a great article called “There’s No Excuse for a Terrible Website in 2016,” and we want to highlight some of the issues that we still see on small business websites (even in 2017!).

From the article:

1. Images Are Not High Res

Your iPhone has a HD camera on it. Gone are the excuses of why your images aren’t high quality.

2. Auto Play

Whether it’s music (what is this, the 90s?), video or narration, if you take the control away from your visitor, you’re basically insulting them.

3. Anything Flash

Come on…I don’t want to download a program simply to look at your site.

4. No (obvious) Social Links

EVERY BUSINESS NEEDS SOCIAL MEDIA. A digital footprint is critical and social pages are an important part of building that footprint. But like footprints in the sand, the impact of social will be washed away by the tide if no one can find them. Use your website real estate wisely and promote your social links.

5. Not Responsive

If your first response to this was, “I get back to people within 24 hours,” you’re in trouble. Making sure your website is responsive means it can be viewed easily on any platform: desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile.

BONUS: Does clicking your logo take users to your Home Page? That’s about as “standard practice” as you can get today, but it’s easy to miss, or easy to forget to update — especially if you built your own site years ago, or haven’t had it updated by someone else in just as long.

Cringing because you see some of these mistakes on your site? Talk to us today about building a modern, mobile-friendly site for your local business — one that works on all devices AND includes your social links.


from hibu Blog http://ift.tt/2ptLeTw

from Sawyer Adam http://ift.tt/2op08Lh


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