Building a Website Correctly Isn’t Child’s Play

These days, building a good looking business website is easy. There are a ton of DIY options out there (we suggest you don’t go that route) or you can hire a professional. No matter what your choice, you’ll probably end up with a good looking website. The hard part really comes in when you’re trying to tell if your website has been built to be more than just pretty.

 It’s the difference between a real apple and the wax one on your grandmother’s coffee table. They both look great, but only one them really works as food. Your website is the same way, either it’s been made to just look good, or it’s been built to nourish your business (and your bottom line). How much do you really know about how effective your website is for your business?

If you can’t answer that question, no problem. We’ve developed a FREE tool that will analyze your site and tell you how well it’s been built.

Your FREE Website Performance report will help you understand where your website stands when it comes to:

  • How mobile friendly it is: It shouldn’t only look good on mobile devices, in order to be effective your site needs some key mobile features.
  • Your organic website traffic: Are you getting enough referrals each month? How many backlinks does your site have?
  • If you have enough content: As the old saying goes, “Content is King”. Do you have enough on your website?
  • Social Media: How effectively are you using social media on your website?
  • And More

Find out where your website could do more: 

In just a few seconds, you can see how your site scores on search engines, mobile devices, social media and more. Visit and see how your website scores.

from hibu Blog

from Sawyer Adam


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