The Power of Color – Red, Orange and Yellow (Pt II)

How you feel about what you’re looking at

The colors we see from the brands and businesses around us give us clues about what we can expect from them. You’ve already seen what blue, green and black tell us — now take a look at what the warmer side of the color wheel has to say.

Red promotes power and passion


Want to add a punch of adrenaline to your marketing? Then red is your best bet. Red elicits strong physical reactions to viewers, including increased heart rate and high energy levels. Brands such as Kellogg’s, Lays, Heinz, KFC, Coca Cola, and Budweiser know that red increases appetite as well, and use it in their logos and marketing.

Red is also associated with youth, passion, power, and even aggression, so keep that in mind when incorporating red into your marketing.

Orange glows with cheerful warmth


For warmth, vitality, and energy in your advertising choose radiant orange. Brands like Amazon, Fanta, Starz, and Shutterfly use orange as their title color to exude a cheerful, confident vibe.

Orange is also a powerful tool for calling attention to sales and discounted items— just ask Payless.

Yellow always looks on the bright side


Nothing says “optimism” quite like yellow. Used by Nikon, IKEA, Hertz and even McDonald’s golden arches, yellow is used to convey energy, joy and excitement.

Yellow can also be used to create a sense of urgency that attracts window shoppers and impulse buyers.

from hibu Blog

from Sawyer Adam


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