The Power of Color – Blue, Green and Black (Pt I)

What you see says a lot

Color is powerful and can affect the way we think of local businesses, services and brands. The subtle visual clues from different colors tell us, at a glance, what the business is trying to communicate.

Blue promises trust and security

Blue is more than just a popular color — it’s used in a slew of marketing campaigns to build trust, dependability and security. That’s why banks like JP Morgan Chase and Citibank use blue for branding.

Social media power players like Twitter also use blue, as well as trusted digital hardware brands like Dell, IBM, HP, and Intel.

Green highlights wealth and health

Are you in the green? Whether in stores or on websites, green is used for relaxing customers as it’s statistically the easiest color on the eyes.

Typically, green is tied to wealth, nature, and ecological-business which explains why companies like Land Rover, John Deere, Whole Foods Market and Starbucks utilize green.

Black builds authority and credibility

Though some don’t even consider it a real color, black is actually a very authoritative tool. Renowned news outlets like CBS and The New York Times brand in black because of its connotation with credibility.

Because black is also considered professional and powerful, it’s used by marketing luxury brands (think cars and high-end retail fashion), financial companies, and sports apparel companies like Nike and Puma.

from hibu Blog

from Sawyer Adam


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