Free Guide: Ride the Summer Wave to Small Business Success


Not to rain on your summer, but it turns out that a vast majority of businesses have incorrect information online – 85%!* So… I’m sorry to say that there’s a very good chance that your business information is wrong – the wrong company name, the wrong address, or the wrong phone number.

It’s not hard to imagine that if you’re phone number is wrong in a crucial place online it’s costing you business. And picture how happy that prospect will be getting bounced around instead of being able to contact you.

Your business info is in more places than you think

Your business contact information can be found all over the web – it comes up in search, it’s in digital listings and online directories – it’s even in customer review sites. Think about all the results you see when you search for a local business – you get a lot more than just their website. That’s the way it is when someone searches for you, too.

At first it may sound like a good thing, being found all over the web, and in a lot of ways it is… if the listing is correct and it actually helps people contact you. Its not a good thing when appear in dozens of places online and the listing is wrong… and you have little to no control over how your information appears.

There is a ray of sunshine here – an opportunity for you to shine

Remember that 85% figure? That means that your competition’s information is probably wrong, too… and that gives you real business opportunity. While your competitors are off working on their tans this summer, you can a chance to bury your competition in the sand.

While the other guys are off on vacation you can get up to speed on where your business information is wrong, how to get it corrected – and how to make sure it stays correct.

It’s all in our FREE Guide, “Summer Wave”

We’ve packed everything you need to know in our Free “Summer Wave” Guide, a little light summer reading that can quickly show you what you need to know about your online business listings. (Really, it’s a quick read – you can flip through it faster than you can walk around the block in flip-flops.)

This Summer, you can turn up the heat on your competition online. Ride the Wave… or at least, read the wave! Get your Free Guide now.

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.elq-form input[type=”text”] {width:100%}
.elq-form label {margin:10px 0 0 0; font-weight:500}
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.LV_invalid_field, input.LV_invalid_field:hover, input.LV_invalid_field:active, textarea.LV_invalid_field:hover, textarea.LV_invalid_field:active {outline: 1px solid #CC0000;}

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var emailAddress = “”;
var sfID = “”;

// <![CDATA[
var elqForms = function(){

var timerId = null, timeout = 5;
var bForm = document.querySelector("form.elq-form");

if ( !sfID ) {
sfID = readCookie("sfid");
console.log("cookie sfid=" + sfID);

// Not in the url, not in the cookie, set the default
if (!sfID) {
sfID = "701310000018vNjAAI";

//Set SFID
window.document.getElementById("field10").value = sfID;

if (!emailAddress) {
emailAddress = readCookie("emailAddress");
console.log("emailAddress=" + emailAddress);

this.WaitUntilCustomerGUIDIsRetrieved =function() {
if (!!(timerId)) {
if (timeout == 0) {
if (typeof this.GetElqCustomerGUID === 'function') {
if (typeof this.GetElqContentPersonalizationValue === 'function') {
bForm.elements["elqCustomerGUID"].value = GetElqCustomerGUID();

timeout -= 1;
timerId = setTimeout("WaitUntilCustomerGUIDIsRetrieved()", 500);

function setFormFieldValue(elqForm, strFormFieldName, strContactFieldName){
if (elqForm.elements[strFormFieldName])
elqForm.elements[strFormFieldName].value = GetElqContentPersonalizationValue(strContactFieldName);

function SetElqContent(){
if (this.GetElqContentPersonalizationValue){

var elqForm;
var blnFound = false;
//find the form object from the form HTMLName
for (var formIndex = 0; formIndex < document.forms.length; formIndex++)
for (var elemIndex = 0; elemIndex < document.forms[formIndex].length; elemIndex++)
if (document.forms[formIndex].elements[elemIndex].name == "elqFormName")
if (document.forms[formIndex].elements[elemIndex].value == "summerwavepost")
elqForm = document.forms[formIndex];
blnFound = true;
if (blnFound) break;

if (elqForm)
setFormFieldValue(elqForm, "lastName", "C_LastName");
setFormFieldValue(elqForm, "company", "C_Company");
setFormFieldValue(elqForm, "emailAddress", "C_EmailAddress");
setFormFieldValue(elqForm, "busPhone", "C_BusPhone");
setFormFieldValue(elqForm, "firstName", "C_FirstName");
setFormFieldValue(elqForm, "SFDCContactID", "C_SFDCContactID");
setFormFieldValue(elqForm, "SFDCLeadID", "C_SFDCLeadID");

_elqQ.push(['elqSetSiteId', "868446402"]);

if (emailAddress != null) {
_elqQ.push(['elqDataLookup', escape('25fda1e58c234a8889441ee62d2a7745'),'’ + escape(emailAddress)+”]);
} else {
console.log(“No Pre-population!!”);


// ]]>


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