Small Business Website Statistics

Why your small business needs a website

Having an online presence is essential for marketing your business. Small business websites are a great way to show what you have to offer a consumer. We’ve compiled the stats below so you can see just how important it is for your small businesses to have a professionally-built, mobile-friendly website.

  • In the US, more than half (52%) of small business owners do not have a website
  • 30% of small businesses with a web presence generate more than 25% of their revenue online
  • 3% of small business websites are not mobile compatible and will not render successfully on mobile devices or smartphones
  • 70% of small business websites have no call to action
  • 68% don’t have an email address on the homepage
  • 50% of online sales are lost when visitors can’t find content
  • 82% of small business websites don’t have social media accounts
  • 91% of customers have visited a store because of an online experience
  • 37% use the Internet to find a store at least once per month
  • According to Google’s 2015 data, 50% of consumers who conduct local searches on their smartphone go to a store within 24 hours, and nearly 20% make a purchase within a day
  • Of the small businesses that have websites, 69% of them are having annual sales of $1,000,000 – $2,490,000

Need a small business website? Check out or call and speak to a hibu specialist at 877 237 6120.

Does your small business have a website yet? Call us today at 855-771-7858 (or let us know a good time to talk) to get a search engine-optimized, mobile-friendly small business website that can get you found and win new customers.

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