[Free Guide] How online appointments work for your company and your customers


Trying to book new customers can be a full-time job — and that’s in addition to running your business! What’s even worse is looking at EMPTY slots on your calendar, or finding out you’ve double booked your time, or realizing that the customer you were supposed to meet 10 minutes ago is a no show.

A dedicated online appointment scheduling tool on your hibu Website can help:

  • Book up to 40% more business1
  • Spend up to 75% less time scheduling1
  • Reduce no-shows by up to 80%1

In fact, 90% of customers want to be able to schedule time with you online. And if you’re one of the 90% of small businesses that doesn’t use online scheduling, you could be missing out.

Get your FREE guide now

See how adding online scheduling to your hibu Premium Website can help your customers make appointments with you, whenever they need to, on computers and mobile devices.

Download your Appointments guide now >


from hibu Blog http://ift.tt/24ZZ4MG

from Sawyer Adam http://ift.tt/1qtZZW2


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