hibu reviews a new site for a new do

Customer Showcase – De Ri Hair LTD

Sure, lots of salons claim to offer the full spa experience – but do their websites truly sell that experience with a silky-smooth site that puts them head and shoulders ahead of the competition like the new site we built for Di Re Hair Ltd?

If you run a hair salon you’ve got to be ready to go head-to-head against your competitors online – and there are a whole lot of them. For example, if you Google “hair salon Waltham MA,” which is where the wonderful De Ri Hair salon is located – you get over 85,000 salons in the search results, over 15 other salons within 10 miles. Face it, you need a business website that will work like a great new do and get you noticed in a crowd.

So, here’s what you should look for in a polished salon site…

  • Obviously, your site needs to make you look great – professional, experienced, up-to-date on the latest styles
  • Your site needs to quickly and easily display the services you offer
  • You can’t cut any corners, you need to clearly present your experience and expertise
  • Be sure your phone number is easy to find – including on your Home page
  • Make it easy for your customers to schedule appointments – include an option to schedule appointments right on your site

A salon site, like all effective small business websites, must be well-organized – someone coming to your site should be able to immediately see who you are, what you do, and where you’re located. Di Re Hair Ltd’s new hibu Website gives equal focus to all the areas of their expertise in a way that’s easy to scan, simple to navigate, and of course, lovely to look at.

Don’t settle for a site that’s a frizzy mess – trust the digital stylists at hibu to make-up a site that’s perfect for your business. After all, if you don’t have a site built to grow your business, you could easily be hair today… and gone tomorrow.


You can always get more information on our hibu Premium Websites for small to medium-sized local businesses at hibu.com – or call us at 855-771-7858. Not a good time to talk? Let us know a good time to call.

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