A Guide to Marketing Your Small Business [free download]


Your simple Small Business Marketing Checklist [free download]

We hear it all the time from business owners – when it comes to marketing their business, they don’t know where to start. It’s a common problem, typically made worse by the reality that small business owners have to be the “chief everything officer” – their work is never done.

This often leads to small businesses engaging in marketing that really doesn’t do the job of attracting new customers. It isn’t unusual for a business to sponsor a 5k or a little league team, or buy local newspaper ads. These are fine things to do, but if there isn’t an overarching strategy to tie it all together, it usually won’t deliver the results you’re looking for.

What’s needed is a small-business marketing guide – an easy to follow checklist that helps owners create a strategy that can be turned into action. And that’s why today we’re introducing the Small Business Marketing Checklist.

Step-by-step strategy guide

A smart small business marketing strategy combines real world, community-based efforts with online tactics. This approach acknowledges the way customers live and shop today – that we are attuned to what happens in our towns and neighborhoods, but that we’re also turning to the Internet when it comes time to solve problems and answer questions.

The first step in any strategic exercise is to get a firm understanding of where you are – take a step back and assess what’s working, what isn’t, and what customers are really looking for. When you consider the bigger picture and take a look at where your current customers are coming from, you can set goals and then create a plan for reaching those goals. Establishing this foundation makes all the difference.

Once you have a firm understanding of the context in which you’re operating, you can build a smart, affordable plan to reach your customers online – ensuring that they can find you and that your website looks great on both a desktop and a mobile phone.

Download the Small Business Marketing Checklist to get a framework for putting together this marketing plan so that you can win customers on the Internet and in your community. It’s a roadmap that can show you the way to greater business success.

Get your FREE Guide now

In this hypercompetitive business era, every small business has to find a way to attract new customers. It needs to be something that is easy-to-do, affordable and that doesn’t require too much time. Download your Small Business Marketing Checklist now.

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