After your hibu Website goes live…

So your new hibu Website is live online! …now what happens?

Launching a new website for your local business can be a lot like opening a new location. You hang your new sign, admire your name on the window, cut the ribbon out front and…wait. Just like with a brick and mortar shop, you know that you need to promote your new site to get visitors.

Here’s everything you should think about once your new hibu Website goes live online.

How will people INTERACT with your site?

The Website Ecosystem – Your new site is the center of your marketing universe. Everything you do online and offline will drive to it.

Your Website: The Center of the Universe

The hibu Website Anatomy – Here’s what people look for and see when they visit your new site.

What customers see when they visit your site

What can you EXPECT from your site?

The hibu Website Promise – Here’s what you can expect from your mobile-optimized, search engine-friendly site.

The hibu Website Promise

The hibu Analytics Guide – Here’s how you can see how much traffic your site is getting, and where it’s coming from.

Your hibu Website Performance Dashboard Guide

What should you do NEXT with your site?

The hibu Digital Goals Guide – Here’s what you can do tomorrow to promote your site and grow your business online.

Your Digital Goals Guide

Top ways to promote your site online and offline – Go ahead: get a head start on making your site work harder for you in just a few simple steps.

Top ways to promote your website online and offline

If you’d like us to build a new website for your business, call us at 855-771-7858 — or let us know a good time to talk to you.

Already have a hibu Website? You can increase your search engine ranking with an SEO Services campaign… drive more traffic to your site with Search Marketing… and build your brand awareness on popular sites and mobile apps with Display Advertising. You can find information on all these hibu products and more at

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