Is your website mobile?

hibu 10 Reasons Why Your Website Must Be Mobile

If your site doesn’t look great on a phone… your customers could be calling your competition.

In fact, with over 50% of all searches now being done on a phone or tablet, having a site that isn’t easy to use on a mobile device is like turning your back on half your customers and prospects.

Did you realize…

  • 90% of Americans now have cell phone – 64% have smartphones
  • 94% have searched for LOCAL businesses
  • In April 2015, Google began automatically testing sites to see if they’re “mobile friendly”  and lowering their mobile ranking if they aren’t

And those are just three reasons why mobile is so important today. Fill out the short form below and read all 10 Reasons Why Your Site Needs to be Mobile!

1, May 2015
2 Pew survey data, 2013 and Google Mobile Planet statistics, 2013
3 Google Mobile Playbook
4, Feb 2015

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