Common Website Issues Part 2: Your site isn’t growing your business

common website issues part 2 - your site isn't growing your business

So you paid someone… other than hibu… to build you a website. Your site may look good at first glance, but many business websites have a wide range of issues that can have a negative impact on your business.

Download our FREE Guide: “10 Biggest Mistakes on Small Business Websites”

Just fill in the the short form below to download our FREE Guide and see the top 10 biggest mistakes that show up on the websites of many small to medium-sized businesses. Take a look… and double-check your website. You might be surprised how many of these common errors you find on your site.

Next Step: A site that grows your business

After you’ve read the FREE Guide, talk to us and see how easily you can get a small-business website built right – built to position you ahead of your competition and turn visitors into customers. Give us a call at 877.237.6120 or let us know a good time to talk. Don’t have time to talk now – visit for more information.

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